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Help! We have to switch dog foods!

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    Recently, Rocky (my amazing pitbull mix/mutt) had to be taken to the vet. He is 9 years old. He was having issues walking and his sides near his butt were sensitive. He wouldn’t let anyone pet near the base of his tail which was highly unusual. That is one of his favorite spots.. So we hustled to the vet. I was very, VERY worried.

    Well, after tests, and xrays, it was discovered that he was incrediably healthy and all his blood work amazing!! (YAY!!!!) Except one thing. He was severely constipated. =( 

    The vet cleaned him out for us, and made him all better, but recommended that we put him on a diet with fiber. He sold us a bag of dog food for $50. We bought it because we wanted to get him on the fiber diet right away, but $50 for a bag of food that won’t last him a month? 

    So I come here, in hopes that someone has a better brand of dog food with fiber in it that I can buy my baby. He was on Pedigree, because it didn’t upset his tummy. Any ideas for a new brand?

    Thank you =)


    Hey. What I have found over yrs is dogs, like people thrive on good food better than on junk, and unfortunately good cost more. I have had good luck in past with the median priced foods, Pro Plan, Iams etc.. I especially like lamb and rice mixes. If u can find Precise Food there it is good, but hard to find. It can be a little trying to find a food that works good for your dog and fits budget too. If he will eat it, a small carrot as a treat can help. (Don’t overdo it) some dogs won’t eat them tho. I am using Wellness brand fish base right now and it is working for skin issues, but not cheap. My Sadie is a recent rescue with lots of neglect related health issues, but I knew that going in. Just gotta make sure main ingredient is good quality meat. I try to avoid a lot of corn. Hang in there and u will find something that works


    I recently switched Lillie from purina. I went onto several sites to compare content, and price. I like science diet, and nutro for not too expensive natural dog food. Neither is made with the “animal meal”(the parts we humans won’t eat..). Science diet is corn based, and here in fla. a 40 pound bag of just regular adult food is 44.00. Nutro has lots of variety, and most pet stores can order any variety from them. Also, they have special blends, too, and the one I like most for pits is the “adult high energy” blend-for obvious reasons. It runs about 40.00 for reg. adult, to 45.00 or more for specialty blends. The other brand I tried is Rachael ray’s nutrish, which Lillie LOVES. It is made with real chicken as the first ingredient, and a 28 lb. bag is 26.00. Pet smart and Petco have a tool on their sites where you can pick 5 different foods to compare ingredients, price, etc. You can also go straight to the website for that particular food brand.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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