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Help Puppu Keeps Biting

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    I wish this would work with my spaztic crazy dog lol he nips…not really bites and hell yelp and hop and wag his tail to no end…if i ignore him he pounces around me and barks like a nut. >.> hes a crazy little thing. I always grab his lower jaw and tell him dont u bite me. works better when my freind Joey does it >.> seems mean to me but joey does it w his boxer/pit and his lab.


    Hi we have a 9 month old Pit/Lab mix. 40 lbs of pure muscle, and a jaw that could probably break through a steel pipe if he wanted to. He’s extremely intelligent, picks up on commands quickly, even passed basic training (sit, down, stay, heel, touch etc…). We adopted him from a shelter at 4 months, he is fixed. He is starting (over the last month) acting out towards my wife and I and my 2 kids (9 and 2). He bites particularly when he is bored with chewing his bones, but he doesn’t have to be bored as we could be just walking down the all or from room to room. He will go after our legs, clothes, anything dangly, and any toy our son decides to walk around with. When he bites, it is not a playful nip, even though his tail does wag, he has a very strong jaw and bites hard enough to leave marks. We have tried ignoring him and turning our back to which he just jumps, claws, and bites our legs, we try leaving the room (when we can as he bites at our clothes when we walk away)…we also tried/try the squirt bottle thing..which seems to excite or infuriate him….my wife is at the end of her rope and she feels he can’t be trusted anymore. He is very treat motivated and i can usually snap him out of his behavior, but we shouldn’t have to have treats on us all of the time. He is crate trained and in a crate all day while we work…we have over the last coule weeks increased his physical exercise by taking longer walks etc. We need some advice big time or i might lose my buddy Maverick if he can’t shape up.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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