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Help Puppu Keeps Biting

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    Hello I am an owner of a red nose pit she is 16 weeks old we got her when she was 10 weeks… She loves to play and she gets very excited and starts to bite we have 3 children 17, 13, and 5 and when our 5yr daughter plays with Gucci, she starts to bite but she is playing… What is the best way to stop the biting now, the right way!!!!! Thank u


    That’s pretty normal for any puppy, but they have to learn that it’s not ok. When it happens, let out a loud “OUCH!” or something like that. The trick is to startle your dog with your voice, and then pull away and stop playing with your puppy for a while. Your pup will soon learn that when he starts to bite, his playmate (you) goes away. It’s important to be consistent, and teach the whole family to do the same.

    Another way is to redirect them to chew on a toy, but I’ve always had success with the ouch method. I hope it helps.


    The pup seems like she needs some energy release, have her chew on a toy and if she bites you/your fam, spray her (gently) with a spray bottle. It startles the dog and they learn. Congrats on the red nose! They are adorable!


    I have had my pit since he was 7 weeks, he is now 1. I have tried the ouch thing with him since I got him, but he still play bites! I don’t know what else I can do to stop this.


    Ohh boy don’t say that I hopeshe doesn’t bite when she’s a yr


    When my boy gets too rough I stand up and turn my back on him to end playtime until he mellows out. it works well if you remember no touch no talk no eye contact lol yes I know it’s a ceaser thing but it works 🙂 best of luck


    I agree with Pyrozilla. The “ouch” trick never worked with Rosie…she loves any response. However, if I ignore her or put her in timeout (crate for 5 minutes) she gets the message very quickly. Now that she’s a bit older (1 1/2 years) she’s becoming more gentle when she plays.


    Thank u for all the advice I tried the ouch and it seemed like she got moore hyper we r first time pit owners and we luv her sook much I will try ignoring her when she does bite thanks again =)


    The trick to the ouch trick is you have to simulate how it would happen in nature. You do indeed have to make the high pitched OUCH! but then you have to part company (walk away) and ignore the dog for a brief period. This is the part that is often times left out. In nature when an older dog in the pack (or a wolf, in simpler terms)is playing with a puppy, if the puppy bites to hard (this also happens during same age play) the older dog will Yilp and then completely part company with the puppy, sometimes for days. However when it comes to domesticated pets, 5-10 minutes is often times long enough.

    Another option is to check out “Pet Corrector” made by The Company Of Animals. I have used it many times in aggression work. It makes a very very loud hiss like a natural predator and quickly the dog associates the behavior with being stalked by a large snake or a big cat. They generally run about $14.99 at your nearest PETCO. *WARNING* do not turn the can upside down when you use it, it will spray freon. Also, the trick to it is, the dog can’t see you do it.


    I have a beautiful red nose girl — she’s 4 now. I just consistantly used “NO BITE”, and ignored her when she did — turning my back to her. She did it until around a year old, no problems now — and she’s very, very well-behaved. I think obedience training is very helpful (besides the obvious, it truly does help with bonding), I started as soon as I could, after socializing her until she was old enough to join puppy class. I cannot believe what a good girl she is, I really appreciate her every day 🙂 Just be patient and consistant.


    i think a good thing would be to teach him/her “easy” both my pitts respond very well to that…n when mine have ended up jumping on kids ive grabbed them n slammed them on the ground showing them that its not ok, n they have never done that again. u have to use a little dicipline.


    Ouch doesn’t work with ours (she’s 5 months old). The ignoring is a good idea, but Harley has an affinity for toes, so that makes it more difficult. Has anyone ever tried using the water bottle trick?


    teyah you don not deserve to own a dog if you slammed them on the ground that is animal abuse which is now a felony there are proper ways to disapline and slamming them on the ground for jumping is not the way thats is sick hopefully someone will see you do that and turn you in

    Reece’s Mommy

    Reece has the same problem but really only does it with my teen-aged son and his friends, I really think he senses that they are built for rough play. But my son has gotten frustrated that Reece won’t ever just cuddle and be gentle with him. So we have resorted to time outs on his puppy bed and because it’s not a crate and he can attempt to leave time out we can continue to redirect him back to the time out and he is starting to get the concept because of the consistency.


    I have an almost 3 year old red. She is a big baby, but play sometimes leads to biting. It’s not really biting, though. She nips and releases. I feel that it’s hjow dogs play. That’s how they play with each other. They nip each other’s ears and jump on each other. I don’t think it is in aggression, so I don’t worry about her. I DO, however, worry about mine’s jumping, but I will look at another post for that. I have heard that using a spray bottle with some water in it is supposed to work, but I have a water dog. She loves water. She tries to bite the water as it comes out of the hose in the summer and as it comes from the faucet in the winter when we give her baths. I try to ignore her when she nips, but she jumps on me when I ignore her. It’s pretty difficult to ignore a 65-70 lb pit bull jumping on you… lol The jumping is a work-in-progress situation, though.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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