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HELP with aggression

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    i have an indoor pit/lab mix. she is around a year and a half and (usually) listens to human commands. Shes never been aggressive towards other dogs, until recently. Even as a puppy she was extremely territorial but would never really act out. I would take her to the dog park and she would interact with dogs and puppies of all ages without a singler problem. Lately however she seems to be friendly upon meetnig new dogs, but after a few minutes she will do the back leg boxing thing that pits are famous for, and cause a lot of tension between dogs and owners. I cant determine if this is a new found hormonal problem, or something else. We have cats and kittens that she is very very friendly with( a little too friendly because they just try and run away) and a dog that she was around a lot as a puppy she is very friendly with still. Its just new dogs and people that this seems to be happening with.


    ( as a side note, no one can walk down our alley, get near our cars, or walk near our house without her alerting the neighborhood.)

    History : We got her as a six/seven week old puppy from a family that kept her locked up in a room without much affection or attention. She still has terrible seperation anxiety and we’ve tried herbal drops for that. Even as a puppy she was attentive and sweet, however VERY VERY anxious

    any help on this newfound aggression would be very helpful please respond on here or email

    [email protected]

    thank you so much.


    Frist of all has she been spayed, in regards to taking her to the dog park, any dog of same sex that has not been fixed, will be very territorial, the dogs at the park trust me are not all fix, so just be on your toes, and keep your leash on you just in case you need to loop her neck quickly to break up the fight, which can happen in a quick second.  You still need to be always on your toes when taking any pit for socializing especailly to a dog park, they are just like humans they have bad days too, and there are some dogs LOL that can be getting on its last nerve as well. You might want to take a obeniece training class, great way of socialization for pits.  Keep doing the daily walks, taking her to the pet store, car rides.  Also invite one of your friends over that has a dog to your home.  Its a slowly way of socializing.

    In regards to the seperation anxiety,  

    The territoral thing alerting everyone that walks near the home, she is doing what she was breed to do.  Protecting her family/belongings.  I wouldnt take it to heart.


    Sounds like a typical pitbull some get along some don’t. I never walk my dog around other dogs or go to dog parks just a bad idea.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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