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HELP! 3 yr pittie mix marking/peeing in certain places!

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training HELP! 3 yr pittie mix marking/peeing in certain places!

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    I’m a new member that just discovered this website. I’m a member of Austin, Tx’s “Love A Bull.org” & have a 3 year old neautered Pittie mix at home who spends his time alone hanging about the house playing with his interactive toys trying to lick peanut butter out.


    I’ve taken him to the vet, I’ve gotten a behavior specialist who hasn’t gotten back to me yet (for the 2nd time), and have been having trouble with him urinating randomly about the house. My thought was that because we took his old crate and old pillow out that he may have felt lost and more anxious. We already knew he suffered from seperation anxiety, this was true since he was a young pup.
    How can we help him stop marking and urinating around our home? I get horrible, and unappreciated comments like “you need to get rid of him because you live in an apartment (with tile/grout thank goodness) – but he won’t quit peeing all over the place! Rehome him” — all which hurt my already stressed out and aching heart. (THIS IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!)

    We did have a playmate for him, small chihuahua who thought she was a pittie too. She just turned one and was moved to another home (my mother fell for her) we thought maybe because she was on her heat cycle, Troy may have reacted to this and started marking his territory. We can’t quite figure anything out.

    His List:

    Get him to an obediance class
    Get him to a behavior specialist
    Get him interactive toys
    Get him to re-learn who his alpha is
    Get him a lapband perhaps
    Douse towels of vinager and lay them around the house to soak up
    Buy Anti-Marking spray (natrues miracle) & spray and let soak
    Take him on long walks before hubs/I going to work
    Leave classical music on for him
    & Anti Anxiety pills…
    His old crate
    His favorite pillow
    Leave the tv on



    Help — I trust any fellow pittie parent who loves their pup as a child (and as I love my pittie). But I dont want our relationship to get stressful – what can I do if this is part of his growing up process? How can I help him? I wish he could talk!!!


    Desperate in Austin, TX,
    Vanessa & Troy Skywalker

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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