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Hello to everyone

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    Hello All,

    Hello All,

    I joined a while back and never really got the chance to introduce myself or my puppies. First I would like to start by saying some people are so mean when it comes to Pitts. My husband and I recently relocated and 2 weeks after we moved in someone ( one of the neighbors or mail person ) called the city and told them we had viscous dogs. This upset and horrified me. I was so scared about possibly losing my dogs that my husband and I were willing to give up our house and pick up everything and move again. With luck my vet wrote out rabies papers stating that my dogs prodominant breed is Beagle and American Bulldog. Having to do this broke my heart because I feel like Pitts are the best breed of dog. However, we had to do what we had to do to keep our babies. The AC officer came into my home played with my dogs, loved on them, and proceeded to tell me they were huge HAMS. We thankfully still have our dogs but need constant support in what we had to do.

    In any case Thore is the larger fawn colored puppy in my pic. He is a total ham. He LOVES the water, squeeky balls, and anything that he can just chew on for hours like a KONG. Lollie is my lil one she is so sassy and sweet at the same time. No matter who you are when she first meets you she has to bring you one of her toys. They amaze me every day. They dont bark, they dont growl ( of course we taught them this ), they love all other dogs and play well with them, and the way they love kids is so beautiful. They make me laugh when all of the dogs around us are barking their heads off they sit and look at them all like they are crazy. I feel very blessed.

    Well I guess thats my intro for now. I look forward to a lot of chatting on here and seeing lots of beautiful puppies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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