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Hello from Central CA

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    Hi everyone! My husband and I own two rescued female pit bulls. Lani is a mix that we adopted from a shelter shortly after we got married almost 6 years ago. Gypsy is a stray that was found wandering the streets. She’s been with us for a little over a year. We aren’t sure of either of their ages but we think Lani is about 8 or 9 and Gypsy approximately 3. They get along great with each other and both have such different personalities! 

    I have a huge amount of love for this breed and am a huge advocate for them. It’s sad how misunderstood they are but my husband and I do everything we can to help change the bad rep pit bulls get. 

    I look forward to being a part of this group!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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