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Hello All!

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    Hi All!

    Hi All!

    My name’s Stephen, I recently adopted a pit/border collie/brittany spaniel…who knows…mix from the shelter. He is about 2 years old and was left in the shelter for 2 months after his previous family gave him up without giving reason.

    I was very weary of pits at first, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice. He’s smart, strong and filled with love. His name is Trigger and luckily he came from at least a decent home, although he might have gotten some negative reinforcement which he won’t get from me. He is already potty trained, knows not to jump on the bed or couch and is quick to learn how to get me to give him treats and rub his belly (He’s not the easiest dog to outsmart, but I’m working on keeping him focused and obedient).

    Trigger is quite a handful, but worth every ounce of effort. Thank you all for the resources, they have come quite in handy over the past 2 weeks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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