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    I am not new to dog ownership, but I am new to pit bulls.  I have had a variety of breeds and unfortunately I have been one of those people who said that pit bulls were just a bad breed in general.

    My three daughters (13, 11 and 4) have been looking for a dog at the local humane society for a few months now.  I’ve brought home several dogs for the weekend to “test drive” so to speak.  Each one has had some sort of issue that made them not a good fit for our family.  With three girls, every time I had to take one of the dogs back, we would have tears and lots of upset ladies in my house, not a good thing.

    On what I swore would be my last trip to the humane society to either find the right dog or just be a dog-less family, I found Sasha.  The minute I saw her face I just had to get her out and play with her.  I did not realize that she was classified as a pit bull when I asked to see her.  She was the one dog there (amidst about 30+) that was just quietly minding her business and not acting crazy in general.  I did not realize how much these dogs weigh!  She is solid as a rock, but she jumped right beside me on a bench and sat down and then licked me in the face.  She was absolutely beautiful and had the sweetest disposition.

    I asked the desk to hold her for me while I went to go get my daughters so we could all check her out.  I had the 4 year old take a look first.  She loved her and my daughter was all over her petting her and in her face.  Sasha didnt even flinch.  The other girls loved her just as much.

    since bringing her home, she has been absolutely wonderful.  She is house trained, crate trained, loves to sit beside kids while they do homework, listens very well, takes directions like Ive never seen in a dog before, and just in general is hands down the best dog I’ve ever owned.

    So for at least one of the people who talked so badly about the breed before knowing it, I’m sorry.  I will now forever be an advocate for this wonderful breed that is the Pit Bull 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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