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Hacking Cough

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    4 months ago I moved to the desert from Los Angeles. My pit has developed a hacking cough that has seemed to very slowly get worse since the move. He doesn’t cough anything up, he eats the same, sleeps the same, no other changes. He is only ever around 1 other dog who is several years older than him and shows no signs of a cough or anything else.

    When I say he eats the same, I mean he has always been a bottomless pit and this weekend alone devored two large Starbucks frappacinos and half of my large chocolate birthday cake then still was fully expectant for his regular dinner and made an effort for treats/ table scraps.

    I’ve seen Kennel cough and I think it’s unlikely. I’m wondering on environmental, but not sure exaclty what. Honestly he sounds like a smoker, but no one smokes around him or inside the house. Help??


    Have you found out why he is Hacking yet? My female does hacks too *we live in Nashville, can you say Pollen*. But she hacks year round and my vet says it is not Kennel cough. It gets worse when she is excited………


    No idea what’s causing it, but it seems to have lessened up significantly. He still seems to do it on car rides, but he hangs his fat head so far out the window, I think he’s just swollowing bugs. 🙂 When I posted this itwas getting really bad, the weather has changed since then so  think it was an allergy. So you’re probably right about the pollen. Where I live once summer hits nothing is alive so, whatever it was it must be gone now

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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