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growls when someone is outside

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    Just recently my puppy (8 months old) growls a little when she hears someone outside starting to open the door for the house to come inside. She doesn’t bare her teeth and it is just a quick little growl. Once they are inside she sniffs them, but is a little nervous and then she warms up and is very friendly, sometimes she warms up instantly and other times it takes a little. ***A few weeks ago a friend came over (he isn’t my friend anymore) he scared her when he came in, instead of letting her come up to him and sniff her…(I guess he does this to his girlfriends dog and thought he could do that to any dog, but boy was I angry at him)…I would guess that this is why she is reacting this way, but now I am worried that this could lead to more problems. Any suggestions on how we can work through this and get her to be more comfortable with people coming over again. ***we also have a new sign on both of our house doors to let people know that we have a new puppy and how to behave around her since apparently some people are idiots!

    raisins mom

    Leave treats outside your door when people are coming over and when they come in the house have them offer her a yummy treat and/or a toy. That way when she see’s people at your house she associates them w/ good stuff. Raisin can be fearful of people and shy so I have them offer him treats and squat down to talk to him. No bending over him and petting his head. I say here offer him a treat, let him sniff you and then pet his chest all at eye level. It seems to work well for him.


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    You are probably right that it was your ex friend that caused this behavior to start but in the same breath a dog is suppose to alert you if something is wrong.


    A Bull Terrier is a Bull Terrier and has every right to alert his/her family upon approach of anyone or anything unusual. These are highly dedicated family dogs and will show it if need be. That is her turf and she is going to protect it. You’ll find this type of behavior helpful down the road. I just hope you never have to see her go into full protection mode cause then you may want to put her in a shelter because of your own fears. These dogs are very loving with strangers as long as it’s done in the right manner. Their tenacity is second to none. Do your homework well and if you still have second thoughts give the dog to someone who is well educated with this breed so she does not find herself in a shelter by ignorance of ownership.

    I am 58 years old and this is the only type of dog I have ever had since I was eight years old and then we used them as working dogs to pull apple carts in from the orchards. This was before most even knew the breed existed.

    Think it through before you act.


    The last week we have had a lot of new people over with the holiday season. It seems she has been doing a lot better. We posted a notice on our door informing people of our new puppy and everyone else has been respectful and treated her well. She also hasn’t been growling anymore either. Sometimes she will give an alert bark, but usually stays quiet and happily greats and sniffs them. We are just going to continue to socialize her with new people and bring her to the daycare to socialize there with other dogs and the daycare staff, obedience classes also start next month.

    We did do research before finalizing the adoption for her and I continue to do research about dogs in general and pit bulls. I do not know everything though and appreciate all the advice everyone has given me. Thank You!


    I agree it is the dogs job sorrta to let you know when someone is coming to his home. I’have one APBT that has only barked-growled once. it was late at night. And that night she was going crazy, running up and down the stairs barking with that hair curling bark, all night. So I’m thinking something was going on that she didn’t like. On the other hand I just adopted Archie, which is a Stratfordshire Pit Bull and at first he didn’t want to be around anyone, and he sleeps with me so needless to say everynight he woke me up barking and growling. Well, each week I let him get to know someone new, and some of that barking is going away. I think????he was just nervous. I keep telling him he doesn’t have to do that anymore, he just could be a reg. dog if he wants. He still barks and growls a bit…but he is learning not to wake me up. Now that hes getting to know lots of people well he wants to be a normal dog one that plays eats (everything) and has lots of friends.


    If “Ty” is at home and someone comes and knocks on the front door he will run and find my daughter wherever she is stand in front of her and bark.(talk about loyal)But at my tattoo shop he is used to different people coming in and out. So when someone comes in he usally never even picks his head up to see who it is..Hes just the best dog that anyone could ask for, i have even almost turned my wifes family into pitbull lovers…

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