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Greetings from North East PA

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    Greetings to all.  Love this site.  I have just adopted a new pit puppy from the Pike County PA humane society.  She will be getting spayed on friday, I will pick her up on sunday.  If there was someone here with a lot of Experience that could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. 

    If you could be so kind and go to the humane site under adoptable dogs and look at her picture.  Her name is little pitty and her brother is sampson.  They are calling her a PBT.  I was just wondering what you guys think?  I decided on her only because she is a little less rambunctious then her brother, as i currently have a rescued rotti/mix older fixed male at home, who has no signs of Animal agression  or people aggresion for that matter.  He did nip my daughter in the arm when she was two (she was six months old when I adopted him).  My daughter is now 5 years old and she knows now to NEVER to jump onto a sleeping dog. 

    Sorry for the long story.  I just want an opinion from a pro on what type she is PBT, or a cross from a backyard breeder.  I will still adopt her no matter what, as she is a sweetheart and I strongly believe a dog is what you make it.  Again thank you in advance and pardon my grammar and spelling as I am just a common union bricklayer.

    Thank you again,


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