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Greetings from Maine

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    I am new to this site and I am from a small town in maine. I have always loved the pit breed but never owned one until now. My friend could no longer care for her pit so i took her in. I love her to death. I also live with my boyfriend and my 3 year old old english sheepdog/german shepherd mix. the dogs get along so well and love to wrestle. So far the only problem we are having is her chewing when she gets bored. And a neighbor of my parents had the cops called on her because she was tied out but no one was right there with her and she wasn’t fenced in. They didn’t have a problem with the other do only the pit. But I am still proud to walk her down the street, not my fault people are ignorant in uninformed about an amazing breed.

    I am hoping to meet other pit owners in my area and all over.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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