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good experience

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    Well Monday the 16th I will have had Layla for a month. I know that isn’t very long but I have to tell y’all something I have noticed… Everyone loves her. People know right away what breed she is and it never matters. They want to pet her and they let her jump to lick them. She had puppies in January and it still looks as though she just gave birth. One woman in my neighborhood actually asked if I had the puppies and could she have one because she wants a pit. All the people walking their dogs or just walking for exercise in the neighborhood all come up to her with no fear, or if they continue walking they comment on how pretty and well behaved she is, (she never jerks the leash to get to people or their dogs even if their dogs are dragging them to get to Layla she just keeps walking). Same with all my friends and family that have met her, same at the vet and at pet smart. Where ever I take her and whoever she meets everyone knows shes a pit and likes her instantly. I have only had one half way sorta sideways comment when someone said, “oh” when I told her what breed she is with a disapproving tone, then they walked right over a gave a lot of love to a neighbors pit, (apparently she doesn’t know he is). It has been a shocking experience to say the least. I have been prepared for bad reactions to her at some point but she has encountered pretty much everyone she is going to encounter in my normal life and it has all been positive. I am looking to enroll her in obedience classes where she will be introduced to more people so we shall see what happens then…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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