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frusterated, am i the only one who has had this problem?

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion frusterated, am i the only one who has had this problem?

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    go ask alice

    So as some of you already know, i recently got a puppy, Alice.

    So as some of you already know, i recently got a puppy, Alice.
    But before Alice was even thought about, there were these people that i was suppose to get a puppy from, i waited and waited and finally got fed up of waiting, i wanted a puppy now. I had been looking for 2 years and i didnt feel like waiting one more minute. So thats where Alice came into the picture, this lady had a litter ready to go in a week and the pups were much cheaper then the other guys. So after getting Alice and what not, about 2 or 3 weeks later, that guy messages me again saying “Actually, we have acouple that we are giving away for free, we cant seem to find homes and we thought you would really like to have one.” ..So your telling me, you knew i was waiting the whole time, and knew how much i wanted one of your dogs, but didnt let me know until they were ready to go? They also said this is the last litter so its either i take the pup or lose out on something i’ve wanted for awhile. My family was totally into the idea until i told them the pup was a male, then everything changed. I know rescueing dogs is a much better thing to do then buying them, even from a reputable breeder, but this is my first puppy, i’ve rescued dogs all my life and kind of wanted to try something a little different.

    This probably didnt make alot of sence to anyone but i knew if i was going to tell anyone, i would rather it be a group of people who are as passionate about pit bulls as me.

    So i guess my question is, has anyone been in a situation similar to this? what would you do?

    Thanks for reading!


    I just can’t stand how cute Alice is, and I just LOVE the name.

    I only adopt, so I haven’t had the problem, but I know many people who have and will never go through a breeder again.

    Being that I am so passionate about pit bulls is the reason I will not get a dog from a breeder. I use the term breeder loosely as most pit bull breeders out there are nothing but backyard breeders (BYBS) trying to make a quick buck. There are too many homeless pit bulls, a lot due to the overbreeding of the dog, that need homes.

    I just don’t trust any breeders, unless I have done my research and know for a fact that the breeder is reputable, genetic tests ALL their dogs, and breeds to further the APBT.

    Good breeders will always provide proof of the claims they make. This might be in the form of a pedigree, test results, contracts, etc. BYBS can also create these documents, so you have to be careful. REAL breeders will provide you with proof of genetic testing on the puppy and the parents. Some of the common tests breeder do are the OFA (for hips), CERF (for eyes), Penn-HIP (for hips), and BAER (for hearing) just to name a few. These will also be up to date, the CERF testing, for example, has to be done every year. Probably the most distinguishable aspect of a good breeder is that they stay in contact with those that they have sold their puppies to. They are more than willing to provide grooming, training, and medical advice if needed. They will also take the dog back no matter how old, if the owner can no longer take care of him.

    Backyard breeders do none of that. They breed over and over until the females are exhausted and in terrible shape, only to further their addiction to the money. They kill the females or dump them in shelters when they can no longer produce. We see it at our shelter often. It isn’t cheap to raise dogs, so how else will they afford it? Keep breeding more and more. They usually inbreed dogs, so you end up with a dog who will more than likely have temperamental and medical issues as he ages. BYBS are very scary!

    I can only hope that you made the right decision and found a true breeder!

    go ask alice

    Thank you for all that info, really helpful!

    The breeder actually does have proof of genetic testing and pedigree’s, they arnt serious breeders, they’ve only bred acouple of there dogs and i just love the look of them, they are stopping breeding after this because they feel like there are to many irresonsible owners and to many dogs that need rescueing, they will continue to show there dogs but no more breeding.

    I have definately been doing my homework, before Alice i was looking for over 2 years in shelters and actual breeders, not BYBS.

    I will admit tho, i didnt give Alice’s breeder much thought, as soon as i seen her, i knew i had to have her. She looked like my very first pitbull Cesar who everyone called my brother.

    Thank you so much!! Kayla is just to cute, i love her build and white chest, just perfect!


    It sounds like you did good then. 🙂 Good job.

    No, Alice is too cute!!!! Her face makes you melt. 😮

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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