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Flea Infestation!

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    Calvin and Hobbes

    Fleas suck.

    Fleas suck.

    I have over a dozen flea bites around my ankles and Hobbes has been scratching away. I’ve been giving him flea baths because he’s too young for spot treatment. I’m using this shampoo called Sentry if anyone can give me any feed on that, but what else could I do from keeping these miniature hell spawns off me and my dog?


    flea collar? or a flea spray.


    AS a dog groomer forget the sentry shampoo. first if they are on the dog they are in your house! So you have to treat the dog and house at the same time. Your vet will have a spot on treatment that you can use on your pup. It will cost more than what you can buy in the store but it will work and be safe for him. Before using the spot on I would suggest taking him to a good grooming salon for a bath while you treat the house with a good flea product that not only kills fleas but their eggs too. Too many flea baths are not good they can dry the coat out and he will itch anywaY, HOPE THIS HELPS.


    I use a homemade insect repellent on my dogs made out of essentials oils and spray them lightly before going out 🙂 can be used on you too and your bedding, etc…good for fleas and even the puppy mange

    contact me and I can hook you up 🙂

    go ask alice

    Flea’s will be fleas.
    They (like the seasons) come and go as they please. If you have a cat or a small dog that is close to the ground or your dog just likes to run around at the dog park your bound to get them. Flea shampoo’s tend to dry out dogs skin especially with pitbulls considering there skin is so sensitive. When i wash my dogs with flea shampoo i make sure i use a soothing lavender, aloe or oatmeal conditioner/shampoo to relieve the itchyness from the flea bites and the dryness from the shampoo (and also flea shampoo usually doesnt smell to nice). Flea’s also live in your couches, blankets, and carpets, but as i said before, fleas come and go. I find in the spring time my dogs will go from no flea’s to just covered in them, and after a week or so its like it never happened. I hope you get your flea situation under control, they drive me and my dogs nuts so i hope you find a good solution!


    I have never had a problem with fleas, so I don’t know what it is like. I have only heard the horror stories and treated them at the clinic.

    If you have a monthly flea preventative, then you shouldn’t get fleas. If your dog does get fleas, with a monthly preventative, it keeps the ones on the dog from having little baby fleas, which is VERY important.

    Second…GET A FLEA COMB for at home! That way you can check your dog before it gets really bad. Most over-the-counter flea shampoos do not do any good. Fleas collars are dangerous to dogs, so please do not use those. They have chemicals that are harmful to dogs and can actually burn the skin. Most over-the-counter flea sprays are either not concentrated enough or can be harmful after prolonged use.

    Contact your vet about Capstar. Capstar is a one-time pill that will kill off the current fles on your dog. It begins working within 30 minutes! The good news is that it isn’t a prescription, so you can buy it from an online pet med website such as 1800-PetMeds. Your vet should be able to sell you some also. It is important that all dog owners have a supply of Capstar at home for emergency uses.

    I can only hope that you DO use a monthly flea and heartworm preventative, as fleas not only cause itching and scratching, but they carry other diseases as well. You think you have it bad now…just wait until your dog becomes deathly ill from one of the diseases that fleas carry!

    We use a flea preventative year round, even though the temps today are in the 20s. Fleas can reside anywhere, so if they are on your dog and you have bites, then they are all over your house. You will need to treat your house, bedding, furniture, etc. to kill them off. Fleas can live anywhere at anytime where it is warm and they can find blood.

    You better get it under control NOW or you will never have it under control.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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