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Female pit bulls

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    My pit bull terrier just had a litter of 5 pups. Three females and two males. We will get one pick of the litter and sell the rest. Is it wise to get a female puppy from the litter as my pick? I heard if you get two female dogs, they will be vicious toward each other and fight a lot for the alphadog role. My question is, is it wise, to have 2 female pit bulls live together? or is too danergous and should i get a male pit bull for the pick?


    I have 2 females one thats a year and a half and the other that’s about 13 weeks or so..they get along fine just like any others. Theyll fight over a bone every now and then but nothing serious, more like the older one telling the little more playful one to back off. They play rough but that in general is more of a pit thing. My Roommate had a male in the house before she moved out and it was ALWAYS trying to get on top of my female and was more aggressive towards wanting the alpha role. But the main thing with females is if one is getting your attention the other one will want it also even of she just got it. It all depends on the personalities but the momma will always be trying to teach her “pack” and keep her alpha role regardless of the sex of the pup


    I also always keep mine separated when I’m not at home..if they aren’t in separate crates then they’re blocked into different rooms just in case they do get into a little tift(it would be the same with having any 2 dogs) and because they’ll be more apt to get into mischief if they’re together and they know someone’s not there. I love both of mine but having 2 of them is alot of work and clean up. Hope this helps and Good luck!!


    I have 2 females and they did fight rarely, but as it being a puppy from her it should be no problem since she would be raised as mom and daughter. If you keep a boy he will want to mate with her and that would be a problem. I am not an expert and far from one this is just my opinion. I did get both of my girls fixed and it stopped the fighting but they are not mother and daughter.  Good luck with what ever your choice may be.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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