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Favorite Quotes?

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    Hey everyone, I figured this would be a fun way to share our APBT/Am Staff Quotes.

    This is my favorite: “The Pit Bull “Problem” is not so much a dog problem, as it is a problem with humanity”


    A friend of mine gave me this one when we were discussing BSL one day. We were specifically talking about the aggressive behaviors so many small dogs show.:

    “Well, of course Pits have more “reported” attacks. Are you going to be the wuss running to the hospital because you were bit by the neighbor’s Shih Tzu?”

    I like that one because it’s funny. I like this one because it states, what I have always seen as the first rule of life from a pit’s point of view: Any good act must be rewarded with a lifetime of loyalty.

    Pit bulls are famous, in circles of knowledgeable dog people, for the love and loyalty they bestow on anyone who shows them a smidgen of kindness.
    –Linda Wilson-Fuoco


    I like this quote because it just shows how useless breed bans are…”What has been accomplished by Ontario’s pit bull ban is that the government has been allowed to avoid the more difficult task of regulating human behaviour and finding the resources to educate the public in a meaningful way.” – Clayton C. Ruby, Lawyer for the legal challenge against the Ontario goverment.

    And this one may not be about pitties but its so true but giving it the context of this amazing breed makes it an even greater truth…
    “Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy”
    – Bob Kelso, character on “Scrubs”


    a friend of ours came round one weekend with her boyfriend ,she had been a few times and knew our pit but her boyfriend didnt they sat down and my pit come running in to say hi in her usual way ,the friends boyfriend jumped up and said f$%king hell thats a pit bull if it bits me im calling the police.we all sat there laughing as his girlfriend said” bit lol your having a laugh it will just lick you to death then nick your seat lol” after 10 min of my pit cleaning this mans face he said well i thought i was going to get savaged there not as bad as iv heard . well thats one more person converted to know pits are not evil well dont to my little bailey for showing him she wasnt a bad dog.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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