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Dry skin???

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    my pits pup is really losing her fur around her tail and butt area i don’t no if is her food or if it is something else,i will be changing there food soon to an all natural dog food,but people keep saying that it looks like mange,but i no it’s not because her mom had the same problem,she too is starting to lose her fur again around the tail and butt area just like before until i changed her food,she got better for awhile now same thing is happening again. can someone please help me help my bullies not be in pain anymore,any advice will help an will be welcome, thank you


    I had that problem with my female Kira when she was a puppy. Her vulva area is deformed somewhat and she got several infections so she was on antibiotics a lot. I took her to the vet and she told me that because her body was under stress from the medication her immune system was not 100%. It is hereditary mange. It is not contagious but it can kill them if left untreated. The vet will do a simple skin scrapping and look at it under the microscope. There will be mites in it. It is no big deal really but she should not be bread because she will pass it on to her puppies. It is very common in all breeds with coats like this. I have even had a boxer that had the same problem. Changing the food could help too but most likely you will have to get a topical creme from the vet and put it on the area and within a few days the hair will grow back. You will most likely notice this when they are stressed. Both my Pits have skin allergies as well lucky me. It comes from poor breeding aswell. Hope this helps.


    that means all her pups will have this condition,omg not fair 4 her or her pups because i wanted to breed her again before having her fixed,which was a really big decision for me to make,having her fixed.if this is what they have then i will have to get my daughter to take chula the pits pup to get fixed and the with me for vida ,thank you i didn’t know any of this ,they just told me she had allergies to her food that was all ,don’t want to lose either of them.thanks again.


    wow I did not know about the olive oil. i’ll try that. my pit’s belly gets all red and also has those spots without hair and bleeds a lot when he scratches. thanks for the advise

    ava and nalas mommy

    One of my dogs had a similar problem and after many changes and vet visits i decided to try something simple. I started putting St.Ives vitamin E lotion on all the spots where her skin was dry and the hair had come off. With in one week her skin was not dry and her hair had begun to grow back. She now has no more bald dry spots. 🙂


    My three year old male pit havin problems with dry skin and also he is starting to develop bald spots the vet said it might be allergies. Do you know from other people that have written in if they have had the similiar problem and if there is any solutions that can help me and Jake. Thank you


    My Blue pitbull got a bad reaction after I applied Frontline. I read on it and it is really bad stuff. I don’t know if any of you are using it on your dogs, but I recommend not using it ever. He has always been sensitive, but his coat was fine through the winter and I started applying the frontline in May and he has had two full doses and he is losing his hair and has welts on his body. I gave him an oatmeal bath and bathed him with an oatmeal Shampoo. The vet gave me a medicine for him, an anti-histimine with a steroid and he is better, will take a while to go back to normal. Just want to warn evryone that it is nasty stuff.


    When we first brought Flo home, she had bald spots and was so itchy – so I started flipping out and googleing like crazy.  I found info regarding mange which talked about bathing a dog in motor oil – that sounds super dangerous on so many levels so I kept searching – turns out, cooking oil does the same thing – it suffocates the mites.  I still am not sure that is what she had, but I lathered the spots with regular cooking oil maybe 4 times and *poof* they were gone!

    She has a few dry spots now on her rear end – mostly I think because her spay was far from the simplest I have ever seen(that’s a post to whole other issue) – so she wasn’t able to get a pampering oatmal bath for over a month -anyway, I think I will try the fish oil & olive oil in her food and see if that helps.

    Thanks! & best of luck w/ the pups!



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