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Doggie aggression

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     I have 4 pits, 2 male and 2 female. They were all brought in as puppies and raised together. None of them showed any doggie aggression until my neighbor moved in next door, another pit lover. She has a blue male, who she had rescued from an abusive and neglectful home. He is same sex doggy aggressive, The first time he was out in the neighbors yard and I let my boys out to potty, he charged the fence growling and barking, my boys responded and we had to get our boys back into the house to stop the 3 dogs from running up and down the fence trying to attack eachother through it. Since then we have taken steps to keep them from arguing so to speak, however now my youngest boy, has a changed attitude toward other males. He has shown aggression toward male non-pack members,and attacking one when it entered our yard and I don’t like it but I can understand that. I am having trouble though with him and my oldest male. My oldest male, Champ, has always taken Scrappy under his wing so to speak, they have always been running buddies, and the best of friends, but suddenly the other day Champ tried to play with Scrappy in their usual fashion, but scrappy attacked champ, we have since kept the boys seperated, scrappy is his usual lovey self with everyone else, and Champ seems unphased by the situation, …. Does anyone have any advise on how I can reintroduce them without it ending up bloody?????????

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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