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Dog Aggression

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    I don’t know the background on your dog, but it sounds a lot like he is protecting you from other dogs. This is common in many dogs, not just APBTs. Does he instigate the aggression or does it happen after the two dogs have sniffed one another? If it happens after the two have sniffed it could merely be that you have too much tension on the leash, and he is sensing that something is wrong. If it is before the problem may be a little more deeply rooted. Desensitization is probably your best option, but you’re going to have to find a trainer to do it for you, as i doubt there are many of your neighbors willing to let you use their dogs for the process. Until then, manage the situation, as a responsible pet owner. Purchase a muzzle for when you are in public.

    Another option is static correction training – this is what it was original intended for, but i would still exhaust all other options first. When you are out in public, if you see the glint in your dogs eye that he is going to start the behavior use the appropriate level of static correction. Remember to use the collar appropriately and responsibly. Never leave it on him when you’re at home, and never use it if it’s not warranted.


    When Rascal was about 8 months old he was attacked by another pitty. Since that time he began showing the aggression. If given the chance he will attack any other dog other than our Pomeranian. I use a prong collar on him to keep him from dragging me down if he sees another dog. I hate using it but has turned to be my only option. He weighs 95 pounds.

    Where I live we have no one that will work with and help with pit bulls.


    same here,not fair they deserve the same training as the rest of the dogs ,my bullie has to wear one to and a muzzle everytime we go outside,but other dogs at the dog park don’t and they are the ones who are always trying to attack and bite her,not fair they should he wearing muzzles and prong collar to just like her.tired of them trying to hurt my baby she was getting along with other dogs again now she doesn’t want anything to do with them, if they lunge she lunges and she gets the blame not the dog who did the lunging,and she has to wear her muzzle in dog park no other dog has to like i said not fair,they can attack her and how is she supposed to protect herself other then having me there to do it for her.


    I don’t muzzle him. But I don’t take him to the dog park either. Because I know how he will act. On the other hand he loves people. His only problem is dog aggression. He obeys all commands but he is hard to control around other dogs.


    my pit is 1 1/2 yrs. I had him since very little, around 5 weeks old. I saw this man at walmart who was selling it and i worried about someone buying for fighting purposes, so i decided to stay with him.

    he has always been very sweet, specially with my kids (4) they do to him whatever they want and he would not even dare to complain.

    the thing is that around 5-6 months ago he started to get very aggressive with anyone who would dare to ring the door bell in my house. he even try to bite someone already.

    i had made an app. around three months ago to get him fixed, he just got fixed yesterday.

    when am i going to see a difference in his aggression problem?

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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