Dog aggression with other male housemates…HELP

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    Today my 10 month old pit bull and 6 year old german shepard/chow mix got into a fight, leaving the german shepard mix in surgery. My pitbull isn’t neutered and Ive noticed them getting into “mini fights” with no real puncture wounds or seriousness for the past 3 1/2 weeks.. almost out of nowhere! Then today this bad fight happens… I dont want to get rid of any of my dogs they are just like children to me! I plan to get Simba (the pit bull) neutered ASAP but I’m concerned that won’t solve this aggression problem.

    Also this evening after I fed both Simba and my 3rd dog which is a female Corgi she went over to his area where he eats and he growled at her in a way him and the other male have been doing for the past 3 1/2 weeks… even when all his food was gone! I really dont want to give him away to a shelter because I’m worried they will euthanize him and I simply just dont want to get rid of him but I do not want to put myself, my 5 year old or my other dogs in danger!

    Somebody help me please!!!

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