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Crazy Barker

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    How do I get Cesar Milan style training without the Cesar Milan price…Ha.  Layla is crazy. I understand dogs bark, but this little missy barks at anything and everything she can find.  And if she doesn’t see anything to bark at she looks for something until she finds it.  If we put her out to go potty it’ll distract her from actually going.  

    She also seems very dog agressive when we take her for walks.  Anytime someone else comes down the street with other dogs, she goes berserk barking and lunging at them, and trying to control her on the leash is hell.  Eventually as we pass by the other dogs she settles down after a minute, but it just keeps making us scared to walk her past other dogs.  Often times if we are walking down the street and see someone else walking their dogs, we turn and go the other way.  She did have some training at one time.  There was only one other dog in the class, and for the first 20 minutes of class all she did was bark at the other dog, but then after that she settled down and they could be in the same area no problem.  

    Maybe it is us.  Maybe we need to be trained.  I started out like what I always see Cesar say.  I’d walk her with confidence down the street right past other dogs, but she’s always done this and is getting worse, and now I guess we must be projecting to her that we feel uneasy.  Not sure what to do.  I’d like to have a trainer come to our house to see her in action, as opposed to bringing her somewhere, but it’s just way too expensive.  



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