coming mixing breed pits for a living situation

Submitted by cutfromthewomb on Sat, 06/25/2011 - 23:42

I have a male pit/kerr mix about 2 years old. He's fixed, friendly, and well behaved. 2 days ago I had some neighbos who were evicted that left their dog tied outside I decided I'd try to take on instead of letting the pound come pick him up. He is a rednose, idk if he's full blooded or mixed but I'd guess a year old and not fixed. At first all they did was play wrestle and lick and sniff each other but now they are having skirmishes, the last one leaving scratches on my original pit/kerr mix. I was wondering if they will eventually get passed that after they figure out who is going to be the dominate male but another friend I asked that had 2 pits mentioned you can only mix male and female

I read the pitties sometimes turn around 8 month to 2 years. I too have a male (lab) and they get along, I just would watch very carefully

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