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    oh! also! have you tried Bitter Apple? You spray it on furniture, shoes, whatever, and it deters the dog from chewing (it tastes gross). There are rare dogs who actually like the taste, but most really hate it. It worked for me! Now my dog will try to chew on something that’s been sprayed just out of principle – I can chew on this if I want to! look at me, I’m being bad! – but then he gets this grossed out look on his face, like, ugh, and if I don’t pay attention to him he stops right away.


    I don’t do Nyla bones because we’ve had problems with them in the past with other dogs. That said, our last dog was a Malinois (another VERY powerful and avid chewing breed), and after losing a section of drywall in the kitchen, we did a bit of research (especially when it turned out she loved the flavor of Bitter Apple and all the other stuff). The only thing that worked with her was Deer Antlers (you can get them pretty cheap on Amazon). Though they seem really hard, they actually give pretty well, and I have yet to have a dog that was able to chunk them. They end up gnawing on them and essentially shaving it down to a powder.

    When we got Terra, I anticipated the chewing based upon a previous AmStaff I’d had. So, we got Terra her own antler, and she loves it. Especially since she seems to be teething again.

    Also, the nice thing is that the antlers last for forever. I paid $8 for Sens, and it lasted about 9mo of daily and constant chewing.


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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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