can you keep a pittbull nd a chihuahua mixed with a pomeranian in the same house

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    i have a pitbull i dont really know how old she is but my dad does and im staying with my family in s.c but my uncle is selling chihuahua/pomeranian mix dogs in three weeks and i was wondering can you keep a pittbull and that type of dig i the same house????


    It really depends on the different dogs’ temperament. Your pit may be fine, but the chihuahua mix may not be, or vice versa.  My pit is a sweetie, but my friend’s chihuahua is not so great with other dogs.  If both your dogs are usually ok with other dogs, you should do a test  introduction.  Google the most effective ways to have a successful meet and greet. Some tips include meeting in a neutral location, not on either dog’s territory, walking the dogs together, etc.  Good luck.


    It’s a good idea to socialize pittys with all types of dogs and people. If the dog you currently have is trained there should be no issues. Let them meet and get to know each other, but don’t let any aggressive behavior start from either dog. Your dad may know what that looks like.

    For multiple dog families, it’s usually easier if the dogs are of the opposite sex. It may also help if one is older. If the one you have has been in the house a while, he/she can actually help “train” the new pup.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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