BLUE NOSE MALE 1 1/2 gonna be put down needs temp home

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    I have a blue nose pitt all blue he is a male still has his balls i studed him out he is in need of a home and he will be put down if i cant find him one by end of this week he is my life

    he saved my life when i was stabbed stayed next to me went to go get help so i could be ablive today unfortunately my fiancee just got out of jail and he is very agressive when a male come arounds me and he doesnt like it he is a great dog when i am not around because when i am he protects me to ridiclious lengths i just checked him out of wags hotel for dogs he had no behavorial problems its just when i am around that he is on gurard so he cant be with me cause of that

    i am dying inside please someone he is the best dog in the world please take him love him cuddle with him he is loveable play ful please take trigger



    email contact me please

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