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Blood in Kennel?

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    Miss Mouse

    I’m being a bit of a hypochondriac about my little girl, because I want her to be in tip top shape before going in for her leg surgery. Don’t want any complications!

    I’m being a bit of a hypochondriac about my little girl, because I want her to be in tip top shape before going in for her leg surgery. Don’t want any complications!

    Anyhoo, I was pulling out bits of a recently destroyed toy from her kennel and I noticed reddish brown blotches on the bed. My first thought was a foot injury, because it looks about like the quantity and distribution you’d get if you clipped a claw too short or something. I closely examined all her paws, though, and the only injury is a little split one one nail that wasn’t anywhere near the quick. I don’t think any of her toys could cause a stain that color, though I could believe that she gnawed a little too hard on her nylabone (that’s quite frayed at the ends and pretty scratchy) and possibly ouchied her gums? I don’t see any problems anywhere, and the only other thing that’s been going on with her is dry skin and some rubbing from her collar. I don’t see any scabs, spots, or fresh blood, so I’m sorta at a loss.

    I know it’s a silly thing to worry about if she’s in good condition now, but has anyone encountered something like this? I checked her whole kennel for small sharp things and couldn’t find anything that didn’t belong. I just don’t want any surprises!


    Ooh, I should mention that she is spayed – or at least that she has a spay scar. I suppose it’s possible that she had some other abdominal surgery, but considering that she’s only a year old I think spaying is the most likely cause.


    From personal experience I would guess she cut her gums on her bone. Our dog did that with hers and she still kept chewing I had to have her give it to me or she would have kept scratching up her mouth. I am guessing she has lost all of her teeth? Our dog also had that happen when she would chew on something and lose a tooth, her tennis ball was covered in blood after that.

    Miss Mouse

    I just went by the vet this afternoon to check if the scar on her abdomen was a spay scar or not. He palpated her, checked out the scar and her down-theres, and determined that she was definitely in tact and in heat! Great. No idea what the scar is from, which worries me a bit.

    Penny’s teeth are in great shape – she’s only about a year old. After continued spotting all over our house, I’m pretty much convinced it’s from her lady parts and not her teeth, like I’d sort of hoped. Not the outcome I was hoping for, but at least it’s fixable! Literally!

    Hopefully this won’t affect her leg surgery and things can progress as planned. :


    Oh my! The scar could be from a number of things. It could be the result of an injury as a pup that has left a scar. It could be from an exploratory surgery where the vet had to go in and see what she may have swallowed, etc. It could also be from a surgery called a prophylactic gastropexy. A gastropexy is a type of surgery that basically “tacks” the stomach to the inner wall of the dog’s body to prevent bloat. Bloat usually occurs in deep chested, large dogs, so pitties are usually not affected. But, it can happen to any dog; just not as common in those that are not deep chested (Greyhounds) or large (Great Danes). I cannot imagine that would be what the scar is from, but there are some vets who will do it for any dog over a certain weight. If she wasn’t spayed, then I highly doubt that a gastropexy has been done.

    I hope that you are planning on having her spayed. By having her spayed, you will obviously prevent unwanted pregnancies in a breed that is already WAY overbred and prevent future medical conditions due to being intact.

    Make sure that while she is in heat, you keep a diaper or something on her. You think the blood spots are a mess now, wait until there is more blood. You don’t have a mess on your hands now. Each time that she goes into heat, it could be much worse. If she is over a year old, then this probably isn’t her first heat cycle. Plus with a diaper, if she happens to encounter an intact male, she will have a lesser change of becoming impregnated. Though because she is in heat, she may cause behaviorial issues when she is around other dogs. So keep a good eye on her and other dogs. You don’t want another dog fighting with her because she isn’t spayed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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