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    Ok my first question got no replys. Are all pitts born stuborn. I know my gets something in his head and he will not change his mind. even in potty training if he decides he doesn’t want to do it outside he won’t period. On comand he pees but not poop does that when and where he wants inside or out. although he goes always in same place in or out. Morg Morg is 11 weeks old born oct 6 2011. Can sit shake, roll over if you say saracth, knows word bed and settle and will stay there. Also sits for food bowl. wonderful pup

    raisins mom

    My guy is around a year and yes he is stubborn and loving and acts like a 2 yo child. Haa haa at 11 weeks old he still learning to go and may not even know he has to go and just happens. A good rule of thumb for each month the dog is he can hold it for the many hours. So Raisin is around 12 months they would say 12 hours does he NO. We still have accidents at times. He still can be playing get excited and then all of a sudden he is running to the door while peeing. Just keep taking him outside after he eats and showing where to go. If he starts to poop in house pick him up and run outside. 11 weeks old he sounds smart!! He will get it eventually. I wouldn’t worry. = )

    Miss Mouse

    My pit isn’t stubborn, but she definitely likes a routine! No lie – there is a yellow streak in the front yard where she likes to pee. It’s the first spot she goes to every time we put the leash on her! She poops around the same time every day, too, so if I were you I’d get a feel for when your little one goes and take them out preemptively – don’t let him back in until he does his business. He’ll get the picture; pits are clever. Combine it with frequent potty breaks during the course of the day and eventually accidents will be a thing of the past. 🙂

    Other than killing the grass, I find my girl is more accommodating than stubborn. She’s constantly watching me to see my reaction – it’s very sweet!


    Pits are not stubborn, they are just persistent and determined. Bullheaded is another word! They may be just persistent in their own world.

    Whether you know it or not, it is possible that you are givign him mixed signals of some sort, and he is actually confused. When a dog is “confused”, they tend to shut down until something else grabs their attention.

    Your pup is still really young, so housebreaking hasn’t been completely established yet. It will take time and patience! Just don’t give up. When he pees, praise him lavishly and treat immediately after he does it. He will then get the idea, that hmm…I get a party when I pee. Some dogs do not poop and pee at the same time. My dog will pee first, and then an hour later, she needs to go out and poop. Why? Who knows. I guess she likes to save it for awhile longer. But you need to get a system figured out that will get him to poop. If that means you have to keep taking him out every 3 minutes, then by all means DO IT! He will get the picture soon, don’t worry! It is up to YOU and how you train your dog to do what you want it to do. Dogs aren’t born knowing what WE want; only what THEY want. It is up to us as their keepers to teach them the rules of the road.

    When he pees and then wanders around for awhile, bring him back inside. Tether him to you (leash through the belt loops, etc) and have him with you at all times. When you get the signals that he has to potty again, rush him back outside (don’t forget the treats!). Eventually, he will poop, and when he does…throw him one heck of a party right there on the lawn. So what if your neighbors think you have lost it. YOUR DOG DID WHAT YOU WANTED HIM TO! To this day, I STILL do that with my dog. It just reinforces that she is to potty OUTSIDE and not anywhere else. Younger dogs will tend to take to the potty party quicker than others will.

    Sometimes, a quick walk or run around the area gets the pooper working. It stimulates the colon to move and mark. If that means runnign in circles, DO IT! Whatever you can do to get him to poop is what is important. It doesn’t matter that he does it on command or not. That isn’t a big deal. It is that he does in the right spot and not in the house.

    That is great that he has learned other tricks, but pottying in the proper spot is a bit more important.

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