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Barking and growling

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    Remington is 4 months old, and he is kind of weird with other humans. If someone comes to the house he is fine, won’t bark or growl, even with smaller children. Then yesterday I picked my nephew up from school with Remington for the first time, he seemed very uncomfortable with this, but he has been around my nephew at home, even plays with him. He got in the front seat and would bark at him. I gave my nephew some treats to give him and showed him how to give him treats. My nephew got kind of excited waving hands around, and Remington kind of snapped his mouth at him, but didn’t put any teeth on him. So I told my nephew to calm down and be gentle so he didn’t scare him. Remington seemed to calm down a bit after that, and actually sat in the back seat with him, but kept his distance. I’m a little concerned about the behavior, and could use some advice on how to deal with it, or if these are maybe just situations he will to get used to with more socialization. Also if I bring him to work he will approach people, and wags his tail, but if they try to play with him he will start barking and his hackles will go up, and he jumps back away from them, but his tail is wagging like it does when he is playing, it almost seems like he wants to play, but is afraid. At home though completely different, even at obedience class he’s comepletely cool with the trainer and other people. None of my other dogs have acted this way, so it’s new to me. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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