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Aggressive, biting, growling, barking

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    Okay so I got this pup she’s around 15 weeks or so old, she didn’t come from the greatest situation, I know her father is aggressive, not sure about her mom. She growls if she feels scared or something, growls in the crate, bites my hands, if I try to grab her collar if she chews on the rug or something she goes to bite my hand. I’m at a loss here. I’ve never owned a puppy before let alone a pit puppy. I don’t know what else to do. My dad isn’t going to stand for all this and my mom doesn’t know what to do either. Any ideas on what could help?


    I know alot of people don’t agree with hitting a dog in a mean way what so ever and neither do I…my pup would growl, bark, and bite anything and everything…bc she dint get enough time with her litter to learn certain things she should have as a 4-9 weeks old pup..if she growled or didn’t anything I didn’t agree with I’d give a light tap on the nose to get her attention(same way her momma would snap at her) and in the lowest voice possible tell her NO or OUCH..like her momma would do if she was still in the litter. You have to be the alpha but not use excessive force..some dogs are just doomed from bad breeding..doesnt mean they need to thrown away though….it take time and alot of training to have a pitbull in general unless theyre a master of great breeding… if you’ve never had one before and you think you’re in over you’re head then it might be better to give it away to someone who is more experienced in the breed and temperament of them..or if you really want to be a pit owner and take pride in that then do alot of research…I would go get the book pitbulls for dummies..sounds cliche but it will help you to appreciate the breed, know the history, and know everything with training so you can help yourself ad help the dog in the meantime. They take time and training bc of their intelligence and just natural instincts….make sure to take them on walks or runs as much as possible, always gives alot of praise when they do something good because they thrive to please people…and give then boundaries(if they have full control of the house when theyre small then theyll have even more when theyre bigger) plus a schedule of feeding time, walking, and playing times etc etc..it’s alot of work but the rewards of the love and bond they give you is much greater


    You should try playing with your puppy showing it alots of love and when it bites or growls let it know to respect you even if it means a little discipline but not to much because that won’t work. When your pup is doing something you don’t want it to do play with him move it away and talk to it they have human emotions



    My pit puppy is about the same age, and I’ve had puppies in the past. Honestly, they love to nip, chew, and bite for a long time. All you can do is keep working at it and telling them no.

    I also would like additional advice on how to train a pit puppy not to bite, as I’ve only dealt with other breeds in the past. But I wouldn’t worry excessively about what is, in general, a normal puppy habit.



    I’m not an expert but know that sometimes we need to muzzle our pets, take your pit to the a store and try on muzzles until you find one he or she can’t get out of this will help. Take your dog to training and give her lots of excercise thats what I was told by my dog trainer. My trainer said pit bulls are full of natrual energy that they need to burn off so walking until they are panting and playing. Hope this helps 🙂



    Can you afford private training? If so, that would probably be the ticket.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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