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Aggressive behavior after trauma?

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    My 8 month old pit (I’ve grown VERY suspicious he isn’t a pure breed as he’s gotten older based on image, not that it matters but explains his behaviour) has never had an issue with dog aggression, he’s always been incredibly friendly with other animals which I think has something to do with the fact that we brought him home when he was only 4 weeks (I know, I know).  The early socialization made being around other dogs natural.

     Just recently my Louie was attacked by a family member’s recently rescued pit, but because the other dog thankfully happend to be muzzled there wasn’t any damage.  Of course after the incident we kept the dogs seperated but the next day my boyfriend tried to introduce them again, this time having the other dog on a leash to have control of the situation.  There was growling at first but the dogs surprisingly started to play nicely together.  The other dog made a quick move and I think Louie got defensive because he snipped at him, leading to a big fight that was the most horrific 30 seconds of my life.  As soon as we got the dogs seperated we had the visiting dog leave, we were done trying to make it work.  The next morning Louie’s front, right arm was swollen twice it’s size.  I thought it was for sure broken because he refused to get out of bed but after rushing him to the vet we found out that he had gotten bit by the other dog and it had become infected.  It wasn’t until a week later that Louie was himself again, running and being the playful pup he usually is.

    I am incredibly concerned that this traumatic event has changed his behavior towards dogs.  He has been around my parent’s dogs since the incident and seemed to be fine, but I’ve noticed a change in attitude towards the pit-bulls who live behind us that Louie had been previously friendly with.  If he has become aggressive towards other dogs, is there any turning back.  I would be devastated to know my sweet, loving Louie will never be the same.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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