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Advice Needed (sorry kinda long)

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     i have two male pits,and a male chiterror!?(all neutered)  almost three years ago i helped a family  member by taking in thier female pit, at that time my youngest pit was just coming into his man hood and with the addition of the female(we thought was spayd,turned out not) we didnt want to be breaking up fights so we decided to keep our males seperated. so flash forward to now, the female is now bck in her own home and we are left wit two male pits who havent had direct contact in over 2 years 🙁  now over that period of time the both played and pottyd in thesame yard, never going out of their way to mark over each others spots!, and they have been nose to nose with a fence or kennel between without any signs of aggression. My point to all this is if anyone has had experience with reuniting 2 male pits all advice is welcome!?!?!?!?!  we have muzles and are going to start walking them together. looked for a professional, but i havent had any luck finding a trainer, they all seem to think its a lost cause as soon as i say pitbulls, and i  just cant believe that, they are both awesome dogs


    I’ve never reunited two males, but I’ve reunited two female dogs. A pitbull and a English bulldog. Walking them together is an awesome idea! However you should also try to get them to play or at least be around each other in the same area. Make sure that the area in which they are being introduced is a place that neither of them have been to. This way, they aren’t as territorial because they haven’t been there before. Hope this helped 🙂


    I have three pit bulls in the house. 2 males and a female. I am not sure the ages or age difference of yours, but bringing in the new male was an interesting expierence. We introduced them on neutral territory to get a gage for their interactions. It was a little scary for me, But over time and some assertions from the oldest male everyone fell into place. I am sorry I dont have anything more for you. It took us time and patience. I had to pay close attention to the dogs and their behaviors/reactions. I wish you the best of luck.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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