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6mo doesnt seem to wanna protect his family

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    My wonderfully lovable pit just wants to lick everyone to death! I want him to be a protector! I am lost on how to show him how and when its appropriate teo be “aggressive” and when its not. I dont want him to think its okay all the time but when someone knocks on our door in the middle of the night and he doesnt even bark or anything it concerns me, we got this specific breed because of what great family dogs they are as well and gaurd dogs. I want him to know the difference between hurting someone who is a threat and just being aggressive to anyone.


    You should never want your family friend to hurt anybody! If you want a dog to bark when the door gets knocked on get a chiuahwa.



    Well I hate to be the bad news breaker but American pitbull terriers are known for being bad guard dogs because they’re SO PEOPLE FRIENDLY… it would be a different story if other dogs came into your house though. Dogs well known to be good guard dogs also are slightly more inclined to bite people are German shepherds,, Rottweilers and Doberman pincers… they were bred to protect and don’t normally hesitate to hurt people in their way. I’ve known many who were both trained in multiple languages and some who just naturally were very territorial not always to a fault. My apbt is protective of me for no apparent reason but he’s very friendly to everyone unless someone rough houses me too much such as family members. APBT’S are known for aggressive towards DOGS not people. I cannot stress that enough. If you weren’t looking for a good loveable companion dog who loves people then maybe you should probably consider finding the puppy a Beyer more suitable home.


    Pit Bulls are not guard dogs. They are naturally friendly towards people. Like any animal they will usually protect their family when they feel it is necessary but you should not expect the dog to be aggressive.

    I believe it is irresponsible of you to put the weight of protecting your family on your dog. It is your job to protect your family, dog included.

    You must train your dog responsibly. As the owner of a Bully Breed you should hold yourself to a higher standard and put the necessary work in to ensure your put is well behaved and responsive to your commands.

    This website has a lot of good content on responsible Pit Bull ownership including training techniques and background information on the breeds history that you might find useful. I suggest you use it.


    Pits are not the best guard dogs. Brutus looks and sounds mean, but as soon as you cross the threashold into the house his tail is wagging and he want attention. Only way you can really do anyhting like you want is by a lot of training.


    Usually a dog is triggered to “protect” because they sense that there is danger. This is, if I am not mistaken, something that typically comes in to play as dogs mature. Your dog is still a puppy and wouldn’t be expected to protect a pack. As they get older you will likely see some change in this behavior.

    I am sure that there is a way to train your dog to respond to specific triggers with specific behaviors, but I doubt you will be successful in getting them to differentiate between a knock in the middle of the night and a knock during the day. A knock is a knock.


    I appreciate those who had helpful comments, for those who said I am an irrasponsible dog owner, kinda rude since you have no idea what kind of dog owner I am. I do not reply soley on Roby to protect my family, the job of sole protecor in my home lies with my husband but having a dog is helpful. Also if I wanted a chiuahwa I would have purchased one, smart ass comments are not neccasary. I was under the impression this was a place folks could ask for help from other dog owners, I had no idea I would be ridiculed or called irrasponible for asking a question.


    Since I wrote this I have done a lot of research on this topic and, yes maturity plays a huge role in his protection insticts. After getting him fixed and vacinated I had asked what he was mixed with, because he has a structure a little different than any other pit I have owned and have found out my pit bull is a boxer/pit, which would account for his HUGENESS. at 8 months he weighs 65 lb! He starts training this week and I am excited to see how that goes. He already knows trhe basic commands, sit, lay, stay, paw…ect but chewing (or drop it) is becoming a serious problem, I believe he has chewed about 3 of my daughters barbie’s! She was not happy lol. and he has never taken to heel… he still likes to walk me. We have looked up loose leash walking but he is a stubborn little (big) guy. So we shall see what this training does.

    Again thanks for all the helpful and positive comments, they are appreiciated.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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