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2 fights in 3 days…not good!!!

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training 2 fights in 3 days…not good!!!

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    My 9 month old male pit and 1.5 year old female lab mix have fought twice in the past 3 days.  Needless to say, the lab was on the losing end  both times.  I don’t know what caused the fights, they happened so quick.  The pit got a pretty good hold of the labs snout the first fight, and the ear the second fight.  I don’t know what to do.  He’s a great dog otherwise.  Very calm and loveable.  He’s never snapped at a human and as far as I know (I’ve had him since he was 10 weeks old) he’s never fought with other dogs and has been socialized with many of my friends dogs since we’ve had him.  

    Today after the short altercation, he knew he did wrong.  He was shaking, and it looked like he realized what he did and how upset it made us.  

    I would hate to get rid of either dog.  I also have an 11 year old female husky, so he’s used to being around other dogs all the time.  

    Has anybody had any problems like this?



    I have a pit and a german shepherd and for the most part they are great.  They do rough house some times and it is usually playful.  Some times though they do get a little carried away and have to be broken up.  After we calm them down and they have both been corrected it is usually fine.  Do they usually play?  If they do I would keep an eye on them and see who is causing the issue.  My parents have a pit as well as two labs and a lot of the time they gang up on her because she is a puppy and new to the house hold.  They will play keep away with all of the toys and if she tries to go for something the labs will snap at her and she thinks that means play time, which usually turns into a fight.  Some times playful and sometimes not.  So, just keep an eye out and see if its playful or viscous.  Also if you haven’t already I would look into obedience classes for both of them to take together.  That way they can be monitered by a professional.  Hope this helps.


    The pit and lab play all the time.  They’re both still puppies so its always playtime and often they do get a little rough but not aggressive towards each other.  I live way out in the country so obedience classes are pretty much out of the question unless I travel about 4  hours.  These fights have been very serious.  The pit clamps down on the labs nose or ear and won’t let go until he hears us yelling at him.  Then he snaps out of it and instantly feels ashamed only because he knows we’re upset with him.  I’m worried about leaving them alone.  What happens if a fight breaks out and nobody is here to break it up?    

    Thanks for your advice Abby.  

    raisins mom

    I have a German Shepherd and my pitbull. My German Shepherd is not neutered and my pitbull is.  They love to wrestle and growl at eachother. My pit seems to like to grab the shepherds legs and hold on.  Luckily for me it seems to be all in fun. But we do interrupt them when they play.  When they become intense or really at the peak we call them apart, have them sit, relax until maybe their breathing has slowed then allow them go back and play.  We also supervise all their play time. 

     My suggestion to anyone w/ a multi dog home is not to leave them alone esp if they have had fights.  Your best bet is to crate them both or atleast one of them while not at home. Or invest in seperate dog runs if that is an option.  Anything can cause a fight and if noone is there to stop it the results could be devestating for your dogs and you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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