Submitted by Armywife_Barrett on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 02:46

Any pitty owners in MI?

How many do you own??? I have five of them! None of them have ever been dog aggressive. The so gentle :)

I only own 1 right now. We adopted her in California. My husband and I are waiting for the right one to adopt our second one. :)

me too - we're in Ann Arbor. Alas, right now we're trying to work through dog aggression issues - and, too many people kisses :)

I know a rescue that you could call! Its called Bay County Bullys! If you call ask for Andy. They are looking to adopt some of the dogs they have there out. Heres his number, 989-295-5384.

Thanks! We want a puppy though. We'll be starting a family in the next few years so I want a puppy that I can train from the start like my current pitty. With babies it's too risky to take in any dog (pit or not) that you don't know the history of. Otherwise I'd take a dog any age :)

I from Flint, mich and we have two! They have always been my favorite breed of dog!

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