Hello I'm surprised new pitbull owner!

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Hello I'm surprised new pitbull owner!

Hi everyone,

We just adopted a 6 month old pup from a family member.  When she brought our pretty little girl to visit our home to see if we were a match she told us the dog was a purebred American Bulldog.  A couple days later she told me when I requested the vet info to bring with us to her first visit, she said "I don't want you to be surprised when the papers get there because she is a purebred American Pitbull Terrier and it says so on her papers, I hope you still love her the same".  Surprise!  I am unsure why she lied-likely because of the stigma that goes along with pitbulls.  And yes of course we still love her!  We have only had her a week but she is such a love bug!  She wants to sit on and lick anyone and everyone.  She has had some basic training but is stubborn when it comes to me, I am looking for a basic class for her and I so I can build a better bond with her and also learn how to have her listen to me. 

She did not come with paper so there is a good chance (I have read) that she is a mix, which is ok with me, I wish I knew for sure but it really isn't that important over all.  I have spent hours researching the breed and have found so much conflicting information on what to do and what to expect.  So I will continue to research, read and learn because I do not want this beautiful sweet girl to miss out on anything and to be raised to stay the same loving baby she is now.

Any advice is welcome!