How big is your dog?

Submitted by melissa_9485 on Sat, 12/11/2010 - 22:29

I am just curious, currently my pup is 8 months old and just hit 30 pounds. Some people are shocked at how old she is because she looks so small (she is a good weight for her body, not too big or skinny). What did your puppy weight at about 8 months and how big are they as an adult?

When I adopted Raisin the shelter listed him as 3 to 4 months. I took him to the vet and they said he was closer to 7 or 8 months. He weighed 32 lbs. He was small and thin. He is now almost a year and probably close to or just over 50 lbs now His chest is a bit wider but he still maintains more of the athletic look over the shorter wider pits I have seen. I have heard that pits can be slower to mature as far as personality and or size. Not sure how true that is I found my last pit mix as an adult. This is my first "youngin" and it's been an experience. Haahaa

i have a female as well and she is nine months and weighs 63 me she looks small but shes short and stocky. my male pit is 2yrs old and weighs the same as i guess it just depends?


If your pit is 9 months old, short and stocky, and already weighs 63 pounds, I hate to break it to you but you do not have a pit bull.

More than likely, you have an American Bully. This is a newer "breed" of dog that has come onto the circuit that backyard breeders are trying to pass off as "big, blocky, and heavy pit bulls." They aren't. They are crosses of pits, American Bulldogs, and the English bulldog (to give it the stocky look). They can grow to weigh over 100lbs, males especially. I saw one come through the other day that was 130 pounds. Sweet as can be, but massive as all get out. That is not the way pit bulls are.

The weight of an average male APBT is between 35 to 60 pounds, and a female is 30-50 pounds. Those are the standards according to the UKC and reputable breeders. Of course, there are "pocket pitties" out there (tinier pit bulls that just have stunted growth) and larger pitties, but not like what you have!

Regardless, you will have a great dog (not to mention big)!

my male pit is 2 yrs.and weighs 103 so who knows

i have a 3 yr old male pit and he weighs about 80 lbs. maybe more now. when we got him he was real skinny.

i have a 1 yr old and hes almost 70 lbs. my mini-pit, who's 4yrs old, is just about 30 lb.

Koopa weighed about 50-60 lbs at 8 months. He just turned a year old today and weighs 65-70 lbs. He is 22 inches tall, has a 21 inch head and a 20 inch neck. We had a male red nose named Bowser that weighed 55-60 at 9 months old and was 20 inches tall, had a 19-20 inch head. We also had a female named Akasha that weighed about 40-45 lbs at 7-9 months old, she was a foster/rescue so not 100% sure on what her age was. With the different bloodlines and strains of pit bulls their weigh and size can vary quite a bit. ABPT's are usually 18-22 inches tall and weigh between 22-110 pounds depending on the bloodlines. Am. Staffs. are usually 16-19 inches tall and weight between 57-67 pounds. Am. Bullies are usually 17-21 inches tall and has no particular weight range that I could find.

I really didnt pay much attention to Gabriel's weight when he was a puppy, but he grew super fast!
no he is about 26'' tall from head to toe and weighs in close to 90 pounds, he is a year old.

Loki is 9.5 months old, fixed, and male and we're guessing he's about 55 pounds. We haven't weighed him in a while so he might be more.

I have a pit mix and depending on the time of year, her weight ranges from 46 to 51 pounds. She is a taller dog than many APBT's, but she is also a mix.

True ABPTs are realatively small dogs, as comapred to many other breeds. Height and weight should be in proportion, as should head size to the body. Yes, a APBT or Am Satff tendds to sometimes have a brick/block like head, but they are still rather proportionate to the body.

A height of about 18 to 19 inches at shoulders for the male and 17 to 18 inches for the female is to be considered preferable and standard for APBTs. Desirable weight for a mature male in good condition is between 35 and 60 pounds. Desirable weight for a mature female in good condition is between 30 and 50 pounds. Yes, there are dogs smaller and bigger due to breeding, but the weights should not be near 100 lbs or over! Those are dogs that have English bulldog and mastiff in them.

The American Bully, which it sounds like some of you have, resemble pits and Am Staffs with their features. There are many groups that are trying to promote the Am Bully into becoming its own separate breed, but the factor of so many backyard breeders creating this breed, it may take a long time, if ever. There are some reputable breeders out there attempting to make this a recognized breed, but it isn't recognized with most canine organizations just yet.

ABs typically are 14 to 20 inches in height. They tend to be stockier and shorter than APBTs. There are pocket ABs, standard, and XL ABs. There aren't any weight standards that have really been established at this time, but both sexes generally range between 70-120 lbs. The body is longer than it is taller.

Regardless, they are all bully breeds and we gotta love 'em all!

Alice is just turning 16 weeks this friday and she weighes over 20lbs maybe even 30, but shes really long, lean and short. Starting to get a big bull head on her tho, and her knee's and paws are huuge tho, its pretty cute. Her mom was 55lbs and her dad was around 65lbs but pretty stockey looking. When i got her at 8 weeks she was around 1lbs or so.

@go ask alice:

I just love that name for a dog--Alice. Too cute. She sounds like she will be a good size, as were her parents. :)

My tilda was at the vet 2 day shes 18 tall and weighs 50lbs. Also got her test back and it says shes a pure bred. my question is now how do i go about getting papers?

If you are talking about getting her licensed, I can help- If you want registered, as in UKC, sorry but I can not help you there. Regardless, I hope this helps!


First of all, you must have her rabies shot done (which was about $20). When you get this done, your veterinarian will give you a piece of paper for you to fill out with your Pitties information, and your own. When you're done with that, you just take it to the animal shelter in your county and they will license your dog. We recently did this with our 1 year old Pitty Zeus, and it was $22 for a 1 year license. I think it is only $3 for a year if she is fixed. You can license your dog for one year or 3 years at a time. (Please note that this is in Michigan, so the price may vary)

My marley girl is 1 1/2 spunky years old and she weighs in at a HEALTHY 68lbs...She is not a stocky pit at all, she IS big but beautiful/

My girl jewel just turned a year on the first of January and she weighs about 45-50 pounds

just picked bailey up from the vets after her spay and shes 55 lbs shes 9 months old  

My boys are 6 months and weigh in their 50lbs, Apollo is 53lbs and Duke is about 51lbs. But I swear they believe they are only 5lbs. They love laying on your lap, and if you have one the other wants to cuddle too! Haha I'm only 5'2 so they cover me when I sit with them!! But I love it :)

hey everyone i was wondering i have a female pitt bull shes almost a year and shes up to my husbands knee's hes 5 10 in and she weights about 45 pounds she has a lean body muscular too but i was wondering if shes too small cus i seen other pits and they happen too look taller and longer her mother was tall very muscular and dad was too but slightly shorter than the mother could hardly tell so if anyone can help me figure out if shes too small ok size


i also have a boy pitt hes like 9 months and hes a lil longer than her and taller big chested and a big head hes on my pixxx

hey everyone i was wondering i have a female pitt bull shes almost a year and shes up to my husbands knee's hes 5 10 in and she weights about 45 pounds she has a lean body muscular too but i was wondering if shes too small cus i seen other pits and they happen too look taller and longer her mother was tall very muscular and dad was too but slightly shorter than the mother could hardly tell so if anyone can help me figure out if shes too small ok size


i also have a boy pitt hes like 9 months and hes a lil longer than her and taller big chested and a big head hes on my pixxx

My pit is just over a year old and she was the skinniest pit bull and looked like a cow for a long time, but all of a sudden about a month ago ( 15 mo old) she started filling out and looking like a pit bull finally.  I thought the same thing, wondering if she would ever fill out, but yours will in time.  I think females take longer to look muscular than males too.  Currently Lexi is about 60 pounds.

My Lilly is almost 6 months and weighs about 40 lbs, maybe around 42 or 43. She looks small to me, but I see her every day. lol. Everyone else says that she's getting big... I kind of want to know how big she'll end up. I only saw her mother and she was a bit on the small side, but from what the breeders told me Lilly favors her father. Her mother is blue with a white stripe down her nose and the father was white and brindle (which is the coloring that Lilly has) The breeders said that the father was a lot bigger so i'm not sure. Guess i'll just wait and see.

well after 6 month dogs don't really grow anymore in height. 40 pounds is around the weight of a female pit bull. If ur dog was taking after her father's gene's she'd be bigger right now. Like my female took after her dad at 6 months she was already 55 pounds. And her coloring like her father's coat will not determine that she's like her father. That's just color. Mine looked like the mother in coat and markings but that was it.

I guess that I didnt really explain it well... She was one of the bigger puppies in the litter, and I'm not even sure of the father's true size. Some people think that labs are humongous animals, but to someone that owns a mastiff they're just average. And the breeders were ridiculous people anyhow. They were getting rid of the pups when they were 5 1/2 weeks old, they lived in a known drug area and the puppies were probaby going to end up with crack addicts. I wanted to take them all home with me... Lilly had worms so bad that if we wouldnt have dewormed her when she turned 6 weeks the vet said that she probably wouldnt have made it. She also had horrible fleas in the middle of an ohio winter which is pretty much unheard of. But anyhow, enough of my rant.

The vet said that she would continue to gain weight until about a year, even though most of her weight would come in the first 6 months... Regardless, I'll love her no matter how big or small she ends up. She was 40 lbs at 5 months and I havent weighed her recently so Im not sure of her actual weight. I'll have to weigh her tomorrow. lol.

Hi I'm Travis I have two males and one female I'm guessing mine are the bullies because my male bubba 3 years old weighs in at 100-105 in the winter and 93-98 in the summer very muscular looks like a dog on steroids lol and my other male Chico weighs in at 75-80 all year around and my female is almost a year old and she's almost 80lbs and still growing she loses weight also in smear months just haven't weighed her in a couples months but I love my babies whether pit bullies amstaffs I don't care there my babies tyre registered as apbt but they are way large according to dogbreedinfo but one is akc and ukc and another is just ukc registered so idk

Hi, im new to this, but I was lookin threw this thread and saw everyone else talkin about how much there pit weighed so I put lil prima on the scale. SHe weighed in at 16lbs at 8 weeks old!


My girl Deja is 6 or 7 mo and about 30. My last pit toped the scales at 70 at one pint and my mom's 1yr old male is  65#

my boy Bruzer (pit lab mix though) is about 55 lbs and will be turning 2 in December.  My baby BJ just turned 4 months a few days ago and already weighs 39 lbs.  they say to get a rough guess of the dogs weight fully grown take their weight at 16 weeks and mulitply it by 2.  with Bruzer it wa wrong, he ended up weighing a little bit more, not sure how big BJ will end up....

my dog is about a year and i think the heat slowed her growth down but she is like 40 pounds and kinda fat.all my other pitbulls i had grew fast.i had her mom and at a year she was like 70 IDK'!!!:D


My male pit at 5 1/2 months weighs 62 lbs. He's a blue nose

This thread is from a whole ago but reading the comments I have now been convinced to say somethig myself. I have a 26 week old male pit who is 22" tall already and weighs 66lbs. I feed him a high quality food just the same as I have for years with my border collie mix whom is only 40 lbs and I must say this fella is huge, way bigger than expected when I bought him from the breeder not that I mind of course since I've always wanted a really big dog; however now I'm left wondering just how big he is going to get lol! To the question originally asked though I think it's safe to say this thread has proven that pits come in all kinds of heights and weights, what I would recommend is to ensure that your girl looks even in proportions and isn't physically limited in what she can and can't do. 

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