Pit Bull Mix Shot, Killed By K-9 Deputy

Submitted by southern_pit79 on Thu, 05/05/2011 - 10:09

This story makes me SO angry! unfortunately I cannot comment on the page for some reason. ANY dog of ANY breed would go after a strange dog in their yard. There are no wounds to the police dog this was completely uncalled for. And how horrible for the owner!!!!!


I am fumming right now!! I probably would have gone after this cop if it had been my layla!

What's worse is the cop put his K9 in someone's fenced yard without ever checking for a dog or if the owner was even there. He at least should have announced himself.

I told my husband to be careful if he takes lillie with him, anywhere,because I have seen probably 200 articles about this happening.How sick and twisted that people are going around shooting dogs,just because they are pits(well,actually,they are usually called "pitbull type" dogs.Even though There is no such thing,either the dog is a pit or the dog isn't a pit)But,if they say that lab did something wrong,it won't be as popular as saying "blood-thirsty,ravenous,baby killer"did it.

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