Silly Santa Hats

Post the best photo of your pit bull in a Santa hat. Because your pit bull would give you an infinite amount of presents if he/she could, and they would …

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Miss 2011 Contest

We are holding the first ever Miss contest. This will be our biggest contest yet and we are giving away our biggest prize. To enter, submit a photo of you …

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Pit Bull LOL Caption Contest

We’re going to do another caption contest. The previous one netted some great entries and a hilarious winner, and it was a big hit. Remember, the caption must be on …

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Caption Contest

This contest will be a little different.  Any pit bull picture will be accepted (although you must still have the rights to distribute it.) The caption must be a part …

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The Best Pit Bull Smile

Post a picture of your Pit Bull giving the biggest, cutest smile you’ve caught on camera.

Ok, they’re not actually smiles, but they sure look like it!

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Pit Bulls Who Have Style

Also known as the “pit bulls who hate their owners” contest. 😉

Post a picture of your pit bull before it goes out for a night on the town. Clothes, hats, anything.

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Pit Bull Puppies

Post a picture of your Pit Bull when it was a puppy. This one will be pretty open and broad, because we know there are some great pup pictures out …

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Children and Babies

Post a picture of your Pit Bull with one or more of your children. Preferably under 12 years old.

Favorite Toy

Show us a picture of your Pit Bull with their favorite toy. It can be in their mouths or resting on their paws. We’re giving away 3 Nylabones to the …

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Favorite Furniture

Post a picture of your Pit Bull on their favorite piece of furniture. You know they have one. Sometimes it’s the one piece of furniture they are NOT allowed on.

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