Flirt Pole

Submitted by yummymommy27 on Mon, 05/24/2010 - 20:39

I have a flirt pole for my puppy and my 5 yr old pit and it is the best thing if you can't take them for a walk or if they need to loose some weight it also releases all that energy they have, My puppy loves it she thinks it's a bunch of different things when I whip it around the yard and she chases it and my older dog loves to jump in the air and try to catch it or I will swing it in circles until she can't chase it no more... Does anyone else have 1?

I don't have one but am dying to get one, I would like to make it but can't find any really good instructions or directions to a place where I can buy a good enough quality whip that won't be pulled apart after a couple of plays. Where did you get yours? It seems like a wonderful solution to boredom and getting out excess energy.

I actually got mine threw a dog trainer but here is a link to a website or you can google a website,, mine cost 19$ this 1 is cheaper I think..

I hope you get yourselves 1 it really is a good work out

Thanks! I am ordering one now! She is going to love it I can tell, she loves to chase squirrels. You wouldn't happen to know of any way to keep a dog from turning up the water bowl to play with it leaving NO water around for drinking on hot days?

I'm sure you and your dog will have fun, start of slowly of course and let your dog catch it to keep her interested and then make the sessions longer 20min of it is like an hr of walking,, You can always try to use a water gun when you catch her doing it and if that don't work maybe find a heavier bowl I use a a medium size medal wide pot.

I posted a video also of the flirt pole..

Oh that looks like fun! Thank you for sharing. Going to order one right now...

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