Favorite position to sleep

This was one of his favorite positions and places to sleep the day away. Guess he just like to air it all out, he slept on his back a lot. He just recently passed away with heart and lung failure, the 4 different Vets didn't know what the cause was, he was 5 yrs old and was our little huggie bear...we miss him bunches!

sleeping, favortie position, charactor,

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awww, I am so sorry to hear that. Believe me I know it isn't easy. My 6 ARE MY BABIES. He was gorgeous.

Thank you, it is always hard to say 'goodbye', so I always say 'see ya'!!! Ya always feel their presence...and never forget... He was a real sweetheart and not to say that the 4 we still have here aren't which they most definitely are! They enrich our lives greatly!

I know what it feels like to lose the best dog ever. I just love this breed. A dog so powerful can also be putty in your hands and great with kids too, very protective.

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