Caddo Parish Animal Shelter


71111 LA
United States

These people really care about the animals, and I do believe the adoption fee is only $60.00. That is for shota and all people. ADOPT.

I LOVE PITBULLS!!! People really tho only reason why people want pitbulls it to breed,pu in dog fight,and for money!!! That is just soooo sad!!! So i want to spread the word and help pitbulls!!!

I HAVE TWO PIT bulls a female that is almost 9 yrs old she has lost all her teeth n just recently not able to get around very much like somethin is wrong with her back legs n is losing weight. my male is 7 yrs old i love both of them to death they are big babiesĀ  and i feel like i want to adopt another pit bull especially if my female is getting close to dying..

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