Break sticks?

Submitted by Zr on Wed, 06/30/2010 - 19:09

Do you know how to use them, and do you carry one with you just in case?
I'm just curious. My dog is a mutt, and I can easily get her jaws open with my hands. But she does have the hold/shake quality of a terrier. She's never been in a situation where I need to pry her mouth open except when she's chewing on toilet paper (I really don't know why she loves toilet paper so much); everything else a leave it or drop works with. But I do know how to use a break stick, just in case something happens and I need one.

I've been tempted to buy one and keep it in my purse after all the crimes going on here lately. I'm sure it'd work on a person's head pretty good :P

If it's never happened, I wouldn't worry about it.

I'm sure my dog would love toilet paper too if he could get at it. He sure loves plastic bags.

I'm just curious how many pitbull owners have break sticks in their homes or carry when they are out on a walk?

I own one and carry it with me. You should never use a break stick with any other type of dog other than a Pit Bull. You could seriously injure another type of dog if used.

I was just curious. Today my partner took a 911 call and it was for a pitbull a friend gave them that the family had no background information on. So they put it in the backyard with w/ their boarder collie. They called 911 for the dogfight to have deputies or animal control come break it up. I told my partner ask if they have a break stick and all the people around me looked at me crazy.

I have honestly never heard of them before. Guess you learn something new everyday. =)

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