Cozy Kai

Ever since Kai was a puppy, he's had free reign of all furniture in the house. He has never been destructive with the furniture, nor is he possessive/territorial with anything.

Now that we have 2 kids, they too share their furniture with Kai. Kai's favorite piece so far is the Disney Princess foldout couch, as opposed to our real leather couches and the other Elmo foldout couch.

You can often find Kai nibbling on the little couches when he's feeling anxious.

Pit Bull Favorite Furniture: [Cozy_ Kai]

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...keep in mind that Kai is a boy, maybe a girly one, but we love him nonetheless! =)

looks like my baby jazmin,priceless

He looks like my dog! Mine is a couch surfer and bed surfer, anywhere warm and soft. I recently got an electric blanket for my bed, its a nightly fight for this thing!! Lol.

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