Pit Bulls with Toys

Olive LOVES her bone!!!

I rescued Olive, my Pit mix, from the Camden County Animal Shelter. I got her as a puppy and was only supposed to be fostering her. She was found alone wondering in Camden City. Her mom and siblings were nowhere to be found. She had ringworm and cuts on her face and was underweight. She even had a yeast infection. After she healed up and was healthy, there was no way I could hand her off to another home! She got along great with my other dog and my cat and was so good with little kids! So, I adopted her! She is almost 3 years old now.

Sarge loves his tires to chew and as a pillow! :-)

Sarge is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. I rescued him a little over a year ago and he is estimated to be around 3 yrs old. My life changed completly when he came home for the good. I could never imagine my life without this guy and i don't believe anyone loves me more than he does!!! He loves to chew his tires and doesn't like to share mainly becuase his sister Catalina can be kinda a bully w/ toys so he sleeps on it when he isn't chewing it.

Sasha with her ball, frisbee and hole.

In order to fully understand this picture, a little explanation is required. If you look closely you will notice that Sasha is sitting in a hole in the ground. She has a dirty tennis ball in front of her along with a blue frisbee. You will also notice the dirt on the tip of her nose. Sasha's normal practice is to take her ball or frisbee and twirl it around in the hole that she dug along with her brother. She will twirl is around with her nose and paws. She gets very dirty when she plays!