Unexpected Treatment and More


Your sex life isn't the only thing Viagra can help fix. It's helping to keep a Pit Bull named Ingrid alive.

She needs a daily dose of the wonder pill in order to help treat congestive heart failure.  Anyone who adopts her will receive a free supply of the drug. Wink wink.

A Pit Bull puppy was beaten to death on a golf course by three children.  Golfers stopped the beating and rushed to a vet to try and save it, but to no avail.  Is a special place reserved in hell for animal abusers? 

Who knows?  But those children probably need to feel the back side of a stick themselves.

The puppy was only 8 weeks old.

Meanwhile, a wheelchair bound Pit Bull mix is bringing some light to kids with various disabilities.  Every few weeks, Piggy visits the Shriner's hospital and meets patients coming out of surgery or being fitted for wheelchairs themselves.

Therapy dogs offer something special, as simple canine love can sometimes accomplish things regular therapy can't.  As therapist Laura Lewis says: "I've witnessed moments where a child hasn't talked to anyone else, but the second that the dog comes in the room, they will just sit down and tell a dog how they're feeling and what scares them."


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