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Pit Bull News Roundup for December 2010

An interview with a pit bull, Petey XXXL, on the goings on in Elgin since the hopeful ban on the breed didn’t go through.

Saving families from fires seems to be genetic trait for pit bulls. This time we have some teamwork.

Despite the higher percentage of dog bites being pit bulls in Sacramento, owners maintain the breed is helpful to society. Once more we have example of people citing statistic, yet having no understanding of their reliability. The comments section has the predictable back and forth.

One of the shelters who took in many of the Vick dogs are now eagerly awaiting the call from Obama himself inquiring about the dogs who got a second chance.  You know, since Obama already congratulated the Philadelphia Eagles…

And some other quick hits you might be interested in:


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4 thoughts on “Pit Bull News Roundup for December 2010”

  1. I quit reading the comments
    I quit reading the comments regarding Sacramento and the dog attack on the horse. I was so angry! It was purely the fault of the person who took the dog into Old Sacramento. What people seem to forget was the irresponsible owner did not have the dog on any kind of leash. Another point people had made was the owner is homeles. I can drive into work in downtown Sac on almost any day and see homeless people walking around with their leashed pitbulls. Many of them looked well cared for. The homeless shelter downtown provides free vet care to the pets on certain days of the month. Sacramento County through donations has also offered to pay $ 25.00 to owners of pitbulls or pitmixes to spay/neuter their pets. That is on top of providing the serivce for free.

    The sad part is all those who are so hateful toward the breed forgot it was humans who made the dog like this. I do want to add the the organization CHAKOS does wonderful work in our local shelters promoting pitbull adoptions. As well as many of the shelter employess and volunteers. There is also an Meetup Group for responsible pitbull owners in Sacramento. Don’t let those naysayers in this article think they represent all of us out here.

    • well said,alot of people cant

      well said,alot of people cant handle themselves,let alone a pit!!! Preach on!!

    • That actually sounds really

      That actually sounds really similar as to what i do with a rescue group called Big Heart.
      We go to a local reservation where dogs are poorly taken care of and have severe cases of mange, if the owner still wants the dog, we will get it medical help, spay/neuter and get all his or her shots up to date for $20, but if the owner isnt interested in getting help for the dog or doesnt want it anymore, we take it back to the shelter, rehabilate him/her then put them up for adoption! Ofcourse some take alot of work to get back to being a family dog, but 90% of the time, its a happy ending for the pup.

  2.    My name is Sean Van Essen

       My name is Sean Van Essen I’m an animal lover and a first time dog owner. I have a six month old female pitbull name Bella. Our goal for Bella and as a FAMILY is to have Bella be a therapy dog. I have a 15 year old sister in law who was in a car accident and now has traumatic brain injury. She uses horses for therpy and we thought why not Bella for others like her. I am also a two war vet of iraq and afghanistan and suffer from ptsd. Bella is one of many joys in my life next to my family and friends and in the week and a half that I have had her, she has helped me alot. I wanted Bella to be able to help others like my sister and other war vets.

    The BSL  (BULLSHIT LEGISLATION) is going to end that opportunity for Bella and others of her loving, caring breed.   Only after having my very first dog ever and being a pitbull I am crushed. I know that there are other opportunity for Bella to be the best dog that she can be, but it is an injustice to limit what any breed can achieve. My family and I have vowed to become peaceful advocates against the Bsl. We could use all the support from all pitbull owners, lovers and non owners that disagree with BSL Thank you for letting me vent. I am really hurt and pissed off plz reply if you feel the same way.


         Spc Sean Van Essen

          United States Army