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Pit Bull News Highlights – Week of June 20th, 2010

We Like Ike! Eisenhower and the American Dream

In the 1950s, a former WWII military general became the 34th Pres–oh, wait. Wrong Eisenhower.

Back at the end of April 2010, did everyone catch the story of the black pit bull who snarled morning rush hour traffic on Chicago’s Eisenhower Expressway for two days? He evaded would-be captors entirely the first morning, then returned the next day to make commuters late to work again.Ike the pit bull

When multiple units of police arrived, the pit bull led patrol cars on a two hour low speed chase back and forth across a 10 mile stretch of Interstate. Once captured, the exhausted pit lived up to his breed’s ferocious reputation by immediately falling asleep in the backseat of a squad car.

Quickly dubbed “Eisenhower,” or “Ike” for short, the 5 to 7 year old male pit bull needed treatment for a high fever and dehydration, but otherwise appeared to be in excellent shape, especially considering he’d been on the lam without food or water for two days.

Now, Ike is back in the news again. This time, it’s because of his Facebook page.

Instead of attracting attention by racing in the streets, Ike now snares the spotlight with his blog. The contented pit posts about the comforts of his new home in the suburbs. A fenced yard, green grass, and a futon bed to call his own. There was a jealous cat issue, but his (anonymous) adoptive owner reports Ike has won the kitty over.

Ike also tries to aid other animals in need of rescue. So far, he’s helped six dogs and two cats find new homes.

Suzie’s Law Passes by Unanimous Vote

Last week, we reported that Suzie’s Law, making animal cruelty a felony in North Carolina, was coming up for a vote in the state Senate. Named after a pit bull/shepherd mix who survived a harrowing experience at the hands of a seriously disturbed individual, Suzie’s Law had already won a unanimous 113-0 vote in the House. This past Wednesday, the state Senate also passed Suzie’s Law unanimously, 47-0.

Suzie survived being beaten and severely burned over 60% of her body by a man who claimed he “lost it” when punishing the 2 month old puppy for licking his daughter’s face. Suzie now resides with a new person, one possessed of a kind and loving heart, which the aforementioned embarrassment to humanity clearly lacks.

Help Judge Recover

A five year old pit bull named Judge, already rescued from the fighting ring, suffered another ordeal when his adoptive family’s home burned to the ground. Judge was the only one of the family’s pets to survive and has amazed everyone with his strength and will to live.

His immediate survival now seems assured, but he’s still in desperate need of more skin grafts. Thus far, $23,000 has been spent helping him recover, and the (still homeless) family is dead broke.

Donations for Judge (all of which will be spent on him) can be sent to:
Negrini Family Fire Fund, Lakeland Bank, 28 Main St., Bloomingdale NJ 07403.

Beware the Gators

Last Tuesday, Oscar Alarcon learned the dangers of letting your dog splash in the shallows of a lake when you live in Florida. Oscar was walking Tigre, a two year old pit bull, when Tigre was suddenly grabbed by a six foot long alligator.

Tigre lived up to his name and managed to fight off the gator long enough for Alarcon to drag him out of the water. Fortunately for all concerned, the gator didn’t follow.

Tigre suffered a few bites and a couple of teeth were knocked loose in the scuffle, but the dog (and presumably the gator) escaped serious injury.

Until next week, remember to keep your pit bulls away from fire, freeways, and alligators!

Author: Matthias

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  1. Awesome stories. I always
    Awesome stories. I always like to see the pitties that get to come out on top. Its sad they have to go thru so much. We as the pittie community has to make the rest of world to understand. They are awesome breed they are not monsters. Most of my words are spread thru my pitties, I take them out and they do all the talking. They know they have to be on their best behavoir and prove it everytime.

  2. WOW those brave pitts!!!! I
    WOW those brave pitts!!!! I hope they go on to lead happy healthy puppy lives!!! And I hope the idiot who hurt them get what they deserve!!!1 I’d like to see a few of them get burned too!!!!!!