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Pit Bull News Highlights – Week of June 17, 2012

Miracle Puppy
Escapes Death

The Houston
SPCA is notorious for euthanizing pit bulls and pit bull puppies. In fact, a
Facebook page has been created to help raise
awareness about the plight of local pits. For the past few days, Reunion Rescue
has been organizing an effort to save a little puppy from the fate of so many
before it. Because of the rescue group, she has escaped death’s door and lives
to go to a forever home.  

Canadian Reporter
Says Enough is Enough

The issues that arise around pit bulls stretched across U.S.
borders this week. Vancouver North Shore
reporter Joan Klucha has had enough of the prejudiced attitudes toward
pit bulls and any breed that resembles them. The beauty of this story is that a
loving fan of pit bulls has used her power as a media representative to educate
readers about this wonderful breed.

Bronx Pit Bull
Ring Busted

According to the New
York Daily News
, A building super was arrested Thursday for breeding and
training pit bulls to fight in his basement. Police and animal rescuers saved
47 pit bulls ranging in age from 12 weeks to 5 years. Many were emaciated, fearful
and showing signs of never before seeing daylight. Police are investigating the
operation and the super has been charged with multiple felonies, but there is
no word yet on what has been planned to aid the dogs.

New Jersey
Firefighters Come to the Rescue

Trenton Firefighter
Bobby Bland
, owner of three pit bulls, aided his co-workers in the
emotionally-charged rescued of an emaciated and neglected pit bull on Friday.
Although neighbors had heard barking for two days, no one called for help
to recover the dog that was floating atop a wooden plank that was wedged under
a bridge in a local canal. It wasn’t until a 9-year-old boy alerted firefighters
that anyone acted on the dog’s behalf. The friendly, gentle dog, now named “Woody,”
has been checked out by a local vet and is being fostered by the firefighters
until he can find a new home.


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